Ride in Luxury Transportation During Your Temecula Wine Tour

Ride in Luxury Transportation During Your Temecula Wine Tour

Temecula Valley is a beautiful part of the country that brings endless grapevines to mind. The wine produced in this region is of the highest quality and flavor. The wineries in the region are well known for being world-class, all while providing stunning landscapes. Experience the historic old town during wine tours near San Diego.

Rather than driving yourself on your wine-tasting journey, book a Temecula wine tour and enjoy a luxury ride. Your professional chauffeur understands the wine-tasting region and all the options available for you, so be sure to ask any questions you may have. Our wine tour transportation fleet of vehicles can carry up to 7 passengers and luggage. There is no better way to enjoy a Temecula wine tour than riding in pure luxury as your driver safely delivers the group to each winery along the route.

The region is rich in history, and there is much that can be learned during a wine-tasting tour, so kick back and allow your chauffeur to handle the driving duties as you enjoy the sipping wine duties. This article will go over four facts about the Temecula wine region.

The Very First Winemakers in Temecula Were Missionaries

Back in the late 1700s, when the very first grapes were carried into the Temecula Valley, missionaries were responsible. The missionaries not only brought the grapes but began planting and establishing vineyards in the coming years. By the year 1820, the vineyards were producing grapes to be used for high-quality wine. Although the planting and harvesting started in the early 1700s, it took until the 1960s for the first commercial vineyard to begin development. The first completed and functioning commercial winery opened in 1974, and the winery went by the name Callaway Vineyard and Winery.

Temecula Keeps its Aboriginal Name

Temecula was founded in the year 1859, and its name is derived from the Luiseño word “Temecunga.” The word Temecunga means: “place of the sun.” The valley certainly does have wonderful weather and plenty of sunshine for the growing grapes. The missionaries, who had arrived originally in the area, misinterpreted the Colorado Shoshone Indians when they spoke the word Temecunga. The missionaries spoke the word Temecula, and it stuck. Eventually, in 1964, the area took on the new name of Rancho California. However, in 1989, residents of the area agreed to rename the city back to its original name, making Temecula the only city in California to have its original native name.

Be Certain to Visit the Wine Cave

Out of all the wineries in Temecula, only one has a wine cave in its offerings. The Oak Mountain Winery is the only winery that offers a wine cave on its property, and it is a hollowed-out area of a hill located on the winery’s property. The primary use of the cave is to keep things cool. However, the winery also offers the location as an area for events and parties. What an amazing place to have a party or gathering, and you know it is a great place to stay cool on a hot summer day.

Sparkling Wines is What Temecula Wineries Do Best

Temecula is well known for its variations of sparkling wine and experimentations. Wineries experiment and develop many different original flavors, infusing flavors for a full pallet experience. For example, Wilson’s Creek Winery created a very original tasting almond champagne. The product is currently available on store shelves throughout the United States. The winery was looking to do something out of the ordinary during the development of the almond champagne, and they have succeeded. The wine naturally ferments, and the finished product leaves caramelized sugar and sweet marzipan notes. The winery adds the almond flavor during the final processes of production.


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