Professional Black Car Service vs Ride Sharing Apps: What’s the Difference?


We all have those situations arise where we’d prefer to not drive our vehicle to a certain destination.

Maybe you’re trying to avoid airport parking fees by getting a lift to-and-from. Perhaps you flew into a city for the weekend and don’t have a car to transport you from place to place.

Whatever the case may be, what’s better than arriving in the back of a black SUV like you’re the President of the United States? Nothing!

While there are several transport service options available to you, here’s why you should opt for the black car service every time!

A Black Car Service Is More Luxurious

Say no more… right?

Which would you prefer — arriving at your high school reunion in the back of someone else’s Toyota Prius or a heavy-duty SUV?

That said, there are certain situations for both.

If you’re looking to get from place to place and don’t mind riding in someone’s everyday car then Uber and Lyft can work. However, if you’re looking to make some heads turn when you step out of the car, then a black car service is the way to go!

Many people associate the luxury cars that a black car service uses as an indication of the price points being too high. It’s actually just the opposite!

The job of a black car service is to gain you access to a luxurious ride at an affordable rate, to leave you satisfied every time!

Black Car Services Ensure You of a Ride

Uber and Lyft are great for calling in a ride at the last second. You can simply open the app and expect a ride to arrive in mere minutes.

What those apps don’t tell you is that you run the risk of not having a ride when you need it. When you go through Uber or Lyft, you’re completely at the mercy of a few essential factors.

For one, your phone needs to have service in order to connect to the app. No service means no way for the app to find nearby drivers and rates. Secondly, you run the risk of there being no Uber or Lyft cars in your area at all.

Black car services, on the other hand, ensure you a ride every time because you’ve booked it in advance. They will ask detailed questions to make sure they’re at the right place at the exact time you want to be picked up.

Also, if you run into a situation where you can’t get to your Uber ride in the expected timeframe, they’ll vanish faster than you can say “five stars.”

Meanwhile, a black car service offers you flexibility.

Are the kids just not cooperating like you thought they would before heading to the airport? No problem! Take your time. Your black car service carriage will still be waiting whenever you’re ready!

Black Car Services Are Way Safer

Have you always been slightly sketched-out by the idea of getting into a stranger’s car whose only “validity” is a phone app?

While most Uber and Lyft drivers are very nice, hard-working people, there have been a few horror stories.

To be fair, Uber and Lyft both have screenings that all their drivers have to pass before being certified. However, a black car service has a stricter screening guideline that their chauffeurs go through.

That means that by the time the black car service’s employees are driving to pick you up, they’re well-informed on the strict behavior rules to handling clients with care.

This offers you the very best in both safety and protection when you elect to use a black car service.

Black Car Services Fill Your Requests

Do you have certain preferences that you want the driver to weigh out during your transport experience?

Maybe you had a great experience with a certain Chaueffer that the company has, and you want to request him or her as your driver for the upcoming event. Maybe you just have a certain route that you want the driver to take, just to flatter you.

Whatever it may be, the professional Chauffeurs in a black car service will entertain almost any suggestion that you give them.

Uber and Lyft drivers have one goal — to get you to your destination as quickly as possible so that you’ll give them a five-star rating. That sounds ideal at first, but what if the quickest way is a 5-mile stroll down the roughest area in your entire city? Not as ideal.

Black car services can cater to both your desire to arrive as quickly as possible and your need to arrive there safely.

Do you order an Uber just hoping they have bottled water to quench your thirst from walking around downtown all day?

Not anymore! Black car services take into account your requests (beforehand) to have bottled water or other amenities available when you hop in the car.

The Black Car Service That Treats You like Royalty

Tonight’s a big night! You’re wearing your favorite suit, the hair is in perfect shape and your feeling like a king. Now you need a black car service to provide you the tricked-out carriage!

We at Royal Knights Limousine can grant you access to the luxury drop-off vehicle you’ve always dreamed of and the service you deserve.

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us anytime by phone at (856) 619-5466 or by email at [email protected].


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