Mind Your P’s and Q’s: Sedan Limo Etiquette For First-Time Riders

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Though rideshare services are in full-swing, limousine services are still very much in demand.

Nothing says class and royalty like riding in a sedan limo that looks great, has a plethora of amenities and lets you make an amazing appearance at any event that you attend. If you’re planning a wedding, prom, gala, romantic date or any other event, booking a limo will be worth every penny.

However, it’s vital that you learn the ins and outs of limousine etiquette so that you and your party have the time of your lives, while still doing what is right.

Use these tips to learn the most important points of etiquette to keep in mind.

1. Lay Out Your Requirements and Needs on the Front End

When you book your sedan limo, the etiquette process begins before you even set foot inside of it.

Do right by the company and the driver by getting an exact headcount for the vehicle, and making sure that you stick to it. This way you will be able to book the limo size that you need and will be able to book the exact vehicle.

You will also need to consider where you need to go for your event and how long you will need the vehicle. By staying accurate with this information and relaying it to the company, you are passing the first test when it comes to limo etiquette.

2. Manners Go a Long Way When Booking a Limo

Always be on your P’s and Q’s when it comes to treating your driver well.

This means saying “please” and “thank” you and minding your manners from the time you get in, to the time you get out. Relay this message to everyone in your group to make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to minding their manners.

Some people take advantage of the fact that their chauffeur is serving at their beck and call, and use it as an opportunity to be abusive. Act like you’ve been there before, and treat your driver with every measure of respect that they deserve.

3. Do Your Best to Keep the Limo Clean

Limo companies have a fleet of vehicles that they regularly wash and keep pristine clean. As such, the rule of thumb is to treat the limo-like it is your own vehicle.

If you wouldn’t want someone making a mess in your vehicle, be sure that you never make a mess in the limo either. Keep it clean and be careful with any food or drinks that you handle.

Being this mindful of tidiness will also help you to avoid expensive cleaning fees on the backend. Since a limo rental can cost upwards of $130 per hour, the last thing you would want to do is make the trip even more expensive.

4. Learn the Right Way to Enter and Exit

Believe it or not, there’s even etiquette when it comes to how you get in and out of the limo.

The seating area sits low, so it might take a little bit of effort to climb out. What you don’t want to do is lean all your weight on the open door and pull down on it to climb out.

Instead, swing your legs out of the limo while still seated and then carefully stand up, using your set or interior handrails for support. Your limo driver may also extend a hand to help you and your passengers out of the vehicle.

5. Have Fun But Watch Your Partying and Your Guests

A lot of people book limos for partying on the way to events. This gives you the chance to drink alcohol, with one of the most regal designated drivers that you will ever find.

When you throw alcohol into the mix, it’s easy for the party to get out of hand, to the point that things get too rowdy. Keep this in mind and ensure that you all have fun without taking things too far.

If alcohol is in the mix, you’ll definitely want to control your intake and make sure the guests do the same so that no one gets sick.

6. Leave the Driver a Tip

Gratuity is very much appreciated when it comes to limousine rides.

Your driver works hard to get you from point A to point B, and does so while making sure that you and your guests have every comfort and convenience. Make sure to reward them with a 10 to 20 percent gratuity to show your appreciation.

7. Trust the Driver’s Routes and Professionalism

Allow yourself to just ride.

No one likes a backseat driver, so relax and unwind and leave the work to your driver. Even if they miss a turn or go a route you’re not used to, avoid criticism and let your driver do their job.

Along these same lines, make sure that you and your group are on time for all pickups and dropoffs so that your driver is able to get you to your destinations without feeling rushed.

Book a Sedan Limo and Mind Your Etiquette

When you book a sedan limo, you’ll want to follow these tips to mind your etiquette. Riding in a limousine is an absolute treat, and is generally tied to life moments that create some wonderful memories.

If you follow these points, you’ll make sure that the event is one for the ages.

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